Jean Straps, the Perfect Solution for Jeans and BootsJean Straps: A boot lover’s dream

The perfect solution for tucking jeans into your boots. Eminently flexible, detachable Jean Straps are easily swapped out from one pair of jeans to another with just a flick of a garter clip.

Removable Stirrups for Your Jeans

The Jean Strap Removable Stirrup
• Hold jeans down when putting on boots.
• Keep jeans taut, minimizing bunching.
• Attach to any pair of jeans.
• Wear comfortably; no bulky metal clips.

Jean Straps was created by women who found a practical solution to the challenge of wearing jeans tucked into boots. These removable and adjustable stirrups minimize bunching and make pulling on your boots over your jeans a breeze. They keep jeans tucked into boots all day, maintaining your comfort and fabulous style.

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